Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My President Is Black

"Do you know why it was cold yesterday? People said, "It would be a cold day in hell before a black man became president".Well guess what guys bundle up.-Unknown

November 4Th,2008 was the very first time I have ever voted.On the way to the church where I was summons to vote at,I was very nervous.I didn't know what to expect and just wished all goes well.People had said many negative things about voting.So I began to think as I was driving to the church.What if I had to stand and wait in line for hours? What if I accidentally marked the wrong answer on the ballot?What if it started raining?

Well first off I was only in line for 45-50 minutes.I was so blessed to not have to stand in line for a very long.As I was done voting and began to walk to my car the line was all the way down the street which was two blocks down from the church.I was glad my wait wasn't dredfully long.Having the right to vote and a voice to be heard intrigued me to want to vote.Most of my family are immigrants and are unable to vote.So me and my cousins took the honor and were proud to vote not only for Obama, but for our family.

At 8:01pm my Father called me yelling at the top of his lungs,"We won,we won,Obama won."Now I thought the results of the votes wasn't going to be in until today.I thought my dad was playing.I was driving home and then I realize he wasn't lying to me.I was on Crenshaw and Slauson at 8:09pm.People were yelling,screaming,crying,dancing,waving their flags,showing off their shirts and blowing their horns.This was no Laker parade.This is going to be in history.My son will maybe one day write a book report on the 1st Black President of The United States of America.I had never experience so many happy people for a presidential election.I am so proud of the results of this election.

"Rosa Parks sat so,Dr.King could talk,Dr.King walked so Obama could RUN...And Obama WON so our kids can fly."

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